Dates: June 27 – July 11, 2020

Location: Paradou (South of France)

  • DATES 12-13 October 2019 and 02-03 February 2020

  • HORAIRE: 10.30am – 5pm with lunch break from 1pm to 2pm

Today's young people are under constant pressure and society expects them to behave like entrepreneurs. The problem is that they do not always have the resources.

Two weekends of coaching (including "medium" and "star" subscriptions) are set up at OneMusic to boost their sense of entrepreneurship and help them better manage their daily lives.

The weekends will take place in Geneva on saturday-Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

We will have as our stakeholders:

Philippe Darfeuille (PNL, Avignon),

Peter Corjn (entrepreneurship, Brussels),

Lara Duc (nutrition education)

Christophe Duc (Life Coaching).

Download the Life Coaching Weekend program here.

  • The Spot- Oak-Bourg Neighbourhood House / November 2019

  • The Spot- Oak-Bourg Neighbourhood House / March 2020

  • Casino Théâtre de Genève / May 2020

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