Who arewe?

For more than 15 years, we have been a music school in Geneva, based in recording studios. Nourishing a global vision of music through the years, Christophe Duc ended up naming his school "OneMusic" in 2018, operating according to the "all in One" mode.
Thanks to the interventions of our partners who are experts in sports leadership, food and personal development, you will discover an approach to music that will allow you to achieve your personal goals at the same time.

During two annual weekends of coaching we will share with you our holistic vision of music.You will know how to boost your energy and put in place a strategy that will allow you to reconcile passion and personal life (studies/work/leisure).

We'll give you powerful tools to transform your life!

Who arewe?

For more than 15 years we have been passing on our passion for music to our students, but not only.During two annual coaching weekends we will share with you our holistic vision of music.
Thanks to the interventions of our expert partners in sport, food and personal development leadership you will discover all the keys that will enable you to achieve your goals.You will know how to boost your energy and put in place a strategy that will allow you to reconcile passion and personal life (studies/work/leisure).

We'll give you powerful tools to transform your life!


Christophe Duc
Christophe Duc- Fondateur de OneMusic -

Director of OneMusic, musician, vocal coach

Christophe is a musical entrepreneur, specializing in studio voice (and instruments). He has worked for 30 years for many local and international artists as a producer and arranger, musician and sound engineer.

As a coach, he was able to pass on his passion for music to young singers/musicians. Some have become recognized professionals in Switzerland and abroad. His holistic vision of music led him to create OneMusic.

Pauline GÖRI
Pauline GÖRIProf. de technique vocale

Vocal coach, singer, musician, songwriter and performer

Pauline is a voice specialist.

After years of classical singing at the Geneva Conservatory, she turned first to musicals, then to jazz, contemporary pop and variety. 
This broad spectrum allows him to be as close as possible to the aspirations of his students to help them achieve their vocal ideal. 
While training at the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Pauline continues to develop her technical skills while learning to teach them.
She is also active in songwriting, and regularly writes and composes for several Swiss and European female artists. 
Timothy VERDESCAProf. de chant, basse, Mao et studio

Producer, musician, sound engineer

Trained at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne, Tim Verdesca is an active musician on the stage. He plays in many different formations and projects.
His activities as a "performer" regularly lead him to play in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, usa, Spain, Romania or Zimbabwe.
As a producer, arranger, he gives you his professional experience which makes him one of the most sought-after musicians on the Swiss scene.

John WOOLLOFFProf. de guitare
Producer, musician

Credited on more than 70 hits this famous studio and stage guitarist (Hallyday, Balavoine, Dutronc, Bruel, Bastian Baker, Gölä, and many others…) puts his immense experience at your service.
With him you discover all his secrets of "fabrications" that have made him one of the most sought-after guitarists for more than 30 years…
You work not only the technique of the instrument but also the approach in the studio as well as the stage.
From electric guitar to acoustics, Dobro, Yukulele or banjo, John shows you how to adjust your instruments and amps to have THE SOUND 🙂

Laurent BERGER
Laurent BERGERProf. de chant & songwriting
Artist, producer, musician

Founder of the group The Yelins (Label Escudero Records) Laurent will share his experience as a stage and studio artist.
Having shared the stage with big names such as Liam Gallagher, BB Brunes or Iggy Pop, he acquires his experience as a frontman.
With him you will be able to develop your vocal technique as well as that of the guitar. You go through the different aspects of music production.
Laurent accompanies you and guides you in your artistic development.
For sure you will find your own musical style!


Lara Duc
Lara Duc

PhD health anthropologist and nutrition consultant.

For his doctorate (honorary summa cum laude) his field trips took him to the four corners of the world.
In addition to English and Brazilian Lara also speaks Tagalog (Philippine dialect).

At our seminars Lara will share her expertise in the field of nutrition. With her valuable advice she will explain how you can boost your mental and physical energy through a balanced diet.

Olivier Laurençon
Olivier Laurençon

Coach – Athlete – Acupuncturist

His experiences in multiple extreme sports (Spartan Race, Ironman, Trail, ultratrail, etc …) and his specialization in sports therapeutics in Chinese medicine allow him to advise very high-level athletes in a wide variety of fields.
He intervenes during our coaching seminars to share with you his secrets that will allow you to boost your energy to the maximum in order to go further in your performance.
Energy is the cornerstone of success. Nothing is impossible when you are fit!


Peter Corijn
Peter Corijn
Currently active as CEO and founder of VUCASTAR and Senior Advisor at McKinsey Peter is the very example of the person who has been able to reconcile a professional life of very high international level and passion for music.
In 2017 he was in the C-Suite of Imperial Brands ("IBG" – one of the top 20 FTSE companies) as Chairman of the Operational Committee, Global CMO and Chairman of several Divisions.
He was also Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Fontem, an IBG ("Blu" start-up), vice-president at P-G, where he held several CEO positions.

Author, composer and performer he has produced two pop/rock albums under the pseudonym "Paul Numi". He is therefore very well placed to explain to us in a concrete way that anything is possible for those who want to achieve their goals.

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